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Presentation at Global Sources Electronics & Components Fair

Global Sources Electronics & Components FairOn Oct 11, 2014, Etienne Charlier will present at the conference organized at Global Sources Electronics & Components Fair in Hong Kong.

Etienne’s presentation is: “Electronics Suppliers in China: How to Select Them and How to Manage Them.”

Presentation Summary:

China boasts some of the largest electronics assembly factories in the world, but there are big differences between companies and the industry is very diverse.

Asia World Expo PhotoFinding the right supplier is the single most important step in determining your project’s success or failure. Etienne Charlier will introduce the China electronics industry and outline several categories of suppliers. Then he will review both the competitive advantages Chinese suppliers can provide and the challenges buyers will face.

Moving to how to select a Chinese electronics supplier, he will describe the key selection criteria for several types of electronic suppliers and how to collect and analyze information.

Finally, he will review the main aspects that buyers need to monitor while procuring from Chinese electronics suppliers, including how to manage quality, drive product design improvement and cost reduction, and how to achieve other supply chain improvements.

You can find the full conference program on Global Sources conference website.

Event Details:

[schema type=”event” evtype=”Event” url=”http://www.globalsources.com/TRADESHOW/HONGKONG-ELECTRONICS/CONFERENCE.HTM” name=”Electronics Suppliers in China: How to Select Them and How to Manage Them” description=”Presentation by Etienne Charlier. In “Smart China Sourcing Series” during the conferences organized during Global Sources Electronics & Components Fair” sdate=”2014-10-11″ stime=”03:00 pm” edate=”2014-10-11″ duration=”1:00″ street=”AsiaWorld-Expo” country=”HK” ]