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About procurAsia

For more than 10 years, procurAsia has provided quality industrial sourcing assistance to clients in Western Europe. We have allowed numerous mid-size companies to access reliable suppliers from China.

Today, procurAsia no longer takes new clients, and only continues to serve existing clients.

We still share our experience, tips and best practices with all interested people. You can still visit the many articles on China industrial sourcing.

You also can contact us if you have specific questions

Company Information

Company Information

  • procurAsia is specialized in all aspects of China industrial sourcing for industrial equipment, cleantech equipment and professional electronics.
  • Clients are both large industrial companies and small/medium-sized enterprises committed to developing their sourcing of parts and/or equipment from China.
  • Operational activities are located in Shanghai.
  • procurAsia was created in 2004 by Etienne Charlier.
Company Activities

Company Activities

  • Recommend suppliers for sourcing and outsourcing projects
  • Evaluate and qualify new suppliers
  • Obtain pricing and manage RFQ
  • Inspect and manage the quality of goods before they leave China
  • Manage suppliers and purchase orders on behalf of clients
  • Develop manufacturers to ensure they reach and maintain the required level
Key Benefits

Key Benefits

By using procurAsia's services you will:

  • Accelerate your China sourcing initiatives
  • Save unnecessary high project implementation costs
  • Get access to experienced local procurement and technical support
  • Control and reduce the risks of products quality problems
  • Receive advice on sourcing best practices, well adapted to the reality of China's context